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Hard disk crusher


Low noisy intelligent crusher shred scrap metal, paper, plastics bottle, cans, CD, kitchen waste and etc. Capacity is 30-80kg/hour. The machine materials by extrusion and shearing, Shear strength with a large, low noise, intelligent control and other characteristics. Replace the fuel, reduce the pollution.

The ingeniously-designed low noise twin-motor two -shaft shredders serve the functions of shearing, tearing, fracturing, extruding and auto-discharging when in work mode. Intelligent opposite direction with the blade rotation, when confronted with too much material, the material is too large or the material hardness is too high, blade can automatically rotate to the opposite direction, to effectively protect the machine and motor.

Product Model Feed Size (mm) Crushed degrees (mm) Speed (r/min) Capacity (T/H) Blades (pcs) Power (KW) N.W. (kg) Dimensions (L*W*H)  (mm)
Double Shaft Shredder MX-200 180*330 5-10 20 0.03-0.08 7 0.75*2 150 630*405*855