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Vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen named as its straining box moved round or oval trail. Because of there’s only one shaft, also named one shaft vibrating screen.              

Circular vibrating screen has adjustable vibrating strength, long material flowing line, to sieve kinds of material by mult-screens, clear screening of each size, high screening efficiency, suitable for beneficiation plant, sand factory etc. industrial screen operation.


1, High screening efficiency, large capacity, long service life, low power consumption, small noisy;

2, strong vibration force, used eccentric block as its vibration source;

3, The screens layers can be 1-4 layer according to the requirement.

4, using tension process on both sides to fixed the screen, with simple structure, and easy replace for the screens.

Circular vibration screen usually divide into common circular vibration screen and self-fixed centre shale shaker, the straining box with screens hoisted (hoisting type) or supported (horizontal type), can be vibrated free by its vibration force, the bearings of the main shaft fixed on the straining box, the main shaft rotate by belt wheel drove, the disc with eccentric device follow to rotate which fixed on the main shaft. The eccentric shaft rotated and generated the centrifugal force, impel the straining box to generate circle vibration.

The common circle vibration screen is a little different from its structure of vibrator to self-fixed centre vibration screen. For the common type, its bearing centre is on the same line with belt wheel’s centre, when the vibration screen running, belt wheel vibrated with the straining box, therefore causing the triangular belt to flex repeatedly, which is easy to break, so it needs the smaller strength.

Model Screen surface(L*W mm) Aperture size(mm) Screen Layers Max feed size(mm) Capacity  (t/h) Power(kw) Weight(t)
YA1030 1000×3000 5-50 1-4 60 20-30 3 1.8
YA1230 1200×3000 5-50 1-4 60 30-50 5.5 2..6
YA1245 1200×4500 5-50 1-4 60 30-70 7.5 3.1
YA1540 1500×4000 5-50 1-4 60 40-90 15 5.3
YA1548 1500×4800 5-50 1-4 60 50-120 15 6
YA1848 1800×4800 5-80 1-4 80 60-160 18.5 6.9
YA1860 1800×6000 5-80 1-4 80 70-250 18.5 7.7
YA2160 2100×6000 5-100 1-4 100 100-350 22 9
YA2470 2400×7000 5-120 1-4 120 150-500 30 13