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Semi-automatic CRT cutting machine


CRT mechanical cutting machine is used pneumatic manipulator arm with a combination of cutting to complete an automatic cutting process equipment. By pushing and pulling the cylinder to high-speed rotation of the cutting arm to the object to be cut by cutting work,use of profiling cutting head itself to recognize the sizes of CRT picture tube,in the automatic cutting edge, the effective separation of screen glass and cone glass.

Model CRT Cutting System
Type Diamond Cutting
Total Power 15KW below
Air compressor Model W-0.8/12.5-7.5KW-180L
Phosphor Powder collector Model 60L-1.8KW->17KPa
Capacity 80-100set/H
Applicable Scope TV and computer: 14”~33”(7~50kg)
Weight 300KG
Overall Size(mm) 4080*800*1530