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Refrigerant reclaiming machine


Refrigerant reclaiming machine is used for recovery of refrigerating machinery (refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers and other refrigerating machine) of refrigerant equipment.At the same time processing the refrigerants, such as drying, filtration, oil and other impurities, for the secondary utilization of refrigerants.

1)portable large capacity air conditioning refrigerant recycling equipment, suitable for the gaseous and liquid refrigerant recycling.

2)Has excellent high and low pressure display and high and low pressure protection system, with disconnect the high voltage switch and control indicator light;

3)Efficient filter drier and refrigerant purification device, which can effectively remove moisture, impurities, and convenient and quick maintenance;

4)Oil free compressor stable operation, low vibration is easy to operation, liquid compatible with the main system/valve, easy start with high pressure .

Working principle

Filtrate, dry the recycled refrigerants and extract the lubricating oil out. They will be changed into gas state refrigerants by compressing which then will be liquid state after delivered into the condensor .They are stored for reuse.It is environment-friendly and benefit.

Model SD650
Cooperated refrigerant R12,R22,R502
Cooperated voltage 220V~50HZ
Compressor power 3/4HP
Average recycling rate(normal temperature) Liquid state:50kg/h  Gas state:25kg/h
Arbeitstank allocation 2pieces
Arbeitstank capacity 15kg/piece
Overall dimension(mm) L700*W600*H1050
Net weight 100kg