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sawtooth wave jig

Product Presentation

Ore dressing by Sawtooth Wave Jig is capable of handling almost full sizes of mineral materials other than very fine material.

Rectangle Compartment Side Way Action Type Jig is mainly composed of jig box, drive device, water distribution, diaphragm and bibcock. There are two jig buckets with different sizes and each diaphragm is divided into jig area and diaphragm area by clapboard.

Saw-tooth wave jig is suitable for process coarse, medium ores, upper granularity limit to 50 mm, lower limit from 0.2 to 0.074 mm, it’s best to 2-18 mm.It’s often used to process coal, tungsten, tin, gold, iron ore, manganese ore, etc.It’s gravity concentrating equipment , jigging separation process is in saw-tooth wave jig to sorting, the basic principle of jig on market are the same.  

Saw-tooth wave jig's core technology is embodied in stroke and jig frequency. It’s determines the speed of water, acceleration and loose bed. Stroke and jig frequency in connection with the material particle size,  density and the thickness of the bed. Sorting coarse material the large stroke small jig frequency will be suitable, vice versa.


1 compact structure, small floor area , large processing capacity.

2 adopt CAM mechanism for driving, bring force the saw-tooth waveform jigging cycle curve to make the rising water evenly, falling water speedy, effectively improving the recycling rate of fine grained heavy mineral, perfect mineral separation result .

3 saving water, continuous work.

4 stroke, jig frequency adjustment is convenient, simple installation and maintenance.

Model Stroke coefficient Stroke(mm) Times of stroke(times/min) Feed size(mm) Water consumption(t/h) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
2-1070 0.5 0-12 0-170 8 5-40 6-8 2.2
2-1515 0.47 0-25 0-150 10 30-120 20-35 4×2
2-2020 0.4 0-20 0-130 10 60-180 40-60 5.5×2