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SF flotation machine

Product Presentation

A type of self-priming pulp, breathe in the mechanical agitation flotation machine

Effective volume



Breathe in high volume, low power consumption

Spare parts have long use life

Each tank with suction, suction pulp and flotation triple function, its flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, the level of configuration, easy to change in the process

Mineral slurry cycle reasonably, which can minimize coarse sand deposits, is advantageous to the coarse mineral flotation.

The mineral slurry has self-control device, convenient adjustment.

The impeller with the type of upper and lower blade. Upper blade produce recycle on the mineral slurry  , lower blade produce recycle under the mineral slurry .

Mechanical stirring, self inspiratory, self-priming pulp.

Can type and JJF flotation mechanism into joint flotation unit, as each operation’s suction slots.

Operating Principle

SF type flotation machine impeller rotates, the fluctuation of the impeller chamber under the action of pulp in the upper and lower blades generate centrifugal force is flung around, make up and down the impeller chamber form a negative pressure zone.At the same time, the upper cover plate of the circular hole drawn into the pulp after the cover on the impeller chamber, formed on the pulp cycle.To throw the blade pulp, its lower pulp to complement to the center, forming the next cycle of pulp.And the suction pipe, center air cylinder is sucked into the impeller chamber, blended with inhaled pulp, forming a large number of tiny air bubbles, steady flow through the cover board, evenly dispersed in the groove, form the mineralized bubbles.Mineralized bubbles rise to the foam layer, scrape by scraper is the foam products.

Product structure diagram

SF type flotation machine used the new structure of the forward type tub, double blade wheel, with the installation of nozzle and false bottom, the flow of the pulp fixed in the groove on the way, under the dual cycle, is advantageous to the suspension of coarse minerals, can be self-priming air, self-priming pulp, don't need the foam pump.

SF type flotation machine can be widely used in non-ferrous metal, black metal and nonmetal mineral, and is suitable for large and medium-sized flotation plant roughing and scavenging homework。

Model Effective volume (m3) capacity (m3/min) impeller dia.(mm) impeller speed(r.p.m) agitation motor power(kw) scraper motor power(kw) weight(kg)
SF-0.37 0.37 0.2-0.4 300 352-442 1.5 0.55 470
SF-0.7 0.7 0.3-1.0 350 336 3 1.1 970
SF-1.2 1.2 0.6-1.2 450 312 5.5 1.1 1400
SF-2.8 2.8 1.5-3.5 550 280 11 1.5 2120
SF-4 4 2-4 650 235 15 1.5 2600
SF-6 6 3-6 760 191 30 2.2 3000
SF-8 8 4-8 760 191 30 2.2 4292
SF-16 16 5-16 850 169 45 2.2 7415
SF-20 20 5-20 850 169 45 2.2 9823