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Small air separation crushing equipment

The machine adopts dry crusher and dry pulverize, it pulverizes the waste circuit board into metal, fiber and resin mixture, then metal and nonmetal are separated by air separation.

Advantages: Low noise, no need water, no dust pollution, save power, save labor, no waste, above 95% metal and nonmetal is recycled. To prevent the dust pollution in the working process, we adopt two-in-one dust removal device: cyclone collector and pulse bag dust collector. It solve the problem of dust pollution effectively, the indicators have reached the national standard.

Capacity: 0.3T/H

Dimension: according to plant

Voltage: Three phase electric power 380V/50HZ, 200KVA or customized.

Iron recovery rate (weight): ≥ 99%

Copper recovery rate (weight): ≥ 95%

Epoxy resin recovery rate (weight): ≥ 95%

Site requirements: Length is above 7m, width is above 5m, height is above 5m; Load weight is above 10 t.

Equipments appearance and color: Manufacturer standard.