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Automatic physical separation PCB recyling equipment


The used PCB recycling equipments which our factory manufactured are on the premise of reducing pollution, adopt the way of water circulation, make the full use of the limited resource. Now the process line need water, electricity and floor space are in the below table, please refer to:

Capacity(t/d) Water(t) Power(kw) Floor space (square meter) Container cargo
8-10 20-30 160 150 40 foot FCL


1.The above water consumption is just the beginning, after trial running to normal it only need to add a little every day.

2.Floor space covers an area of just refer to the equipment, excluding discharging field and etc. Can customize by the place.

3.The above data are for reference only, welcome to inquiry by email or telephone.

Capacity: 0.8-1T/H

1.2 Dimension: 26311mm X 6121 mmX 6350mm

1.3 Power: ≤201KW

1.4 Voltage: Three phase electric power 380V/50HZ, 200KVA.

1.5 Iron recovery rate (weight): ≥ 99%

1.6 Copper recovery rate (weight): ≥ 95%

1.7 Epoxy resin recovery rate (weight): ≥ 95%

1.8 Noise, dust leakage and exhaust emission meet the national relevant standard and requirements.

1.9 Site requirements: Length is above 7m, width is above 5m, height is above 5m; Load weight is above 10 t.

1.10 Equipments appearance and color: Manufacturer standard.